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    在經過其團隊對于家裝行業數十年的經驗總結與數年的深入研究后,成功將卡盟.拉美納特板KM leminoter板這種新型復合材料用于家裝行業,杜絕了傳統家裝造成的空氣污染問題,并正式提出了全新環保家裝理念。





    The Eurasian brand originated in the UK, and its founder is today's well-known British designer-Allen.

    Allen was born in a small town in the north of the United Kingdom in the 1960s. He was deeply influenced by the ideas of the Industrial Revolution from an early age. In decades of home design, he constantly pursued the fusion of breakthrough ideas and healthy living.

    After decades of in-depth research and years of in-depth research by the team on the home improvement industry, the new composite material KM leminoter board from Carmeng successfully used in the home improvement industry, eliminating the air caused by traditional home improvement Pollution issues, and formally proposed a new environmentally friendly home improvement concept.

    Since then, the Eurasian American brand has relied on its innovative brand concept, quickly rooted in the European and American markets, and entered the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets. While enjoying a high reputation in the industry and consumers, it has also opened a home improvement for the entire European and American home furnishing industry. 4.0 Industrial Revolution. "

    In 2017, the founding designers of Eurasian America and Mr. Zhou were connected at the British Design Exhibition. The two sides became involved because of the current problem of formaldehyde pollution and jointly explored the future direction of environmentally-friendly custom-made homes. Attracted, it immediately decided to set up a production base in Zhejiang, China to enter the Chinese market.

    Eurasian beauty, adhering to the belief of home, brings its brand concept of environmental protection and health to hundreds of millions of consumers in China, and customizes the home more beautifully! Committed to bringing a brand new market change to the Chinese clothing industry; bringing a new generation of high-end fashion, safe and environmentally friendly home environment to millions of families in China!


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